Is It Safe To Get The COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy?
Should Pregnant Women Get The Covid 19 Vaccines?

A pregnant woman can take Covid Vaccine as it is safe. The government-approved vaccine that is from the Government of India and also WHO (World Health Organisation) would be the suggested one to take as it might be thoroughly tested.

CDC has announced that taking Covid Vaccine for pregnant women is recommended as they might get severity in case if they are affected so it may be good if they get vaccinated to gain the immunity. Their preliminary data of pregnant women showed that Pfizer's and Moderna's vaccines are safe for women and their babies.

Chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan in World Health Organisation in her interview states that contracting covid may lead to the risk of delivery of baby in premature delivery.

So in some situations, if there is a lot of covid transmission in the country, the woman may have a risk to acquire covid especially if she is a worker in the health care centre she may have higher is to acquire the infection. So the Vaccination of Covid may help her in raising her immunity during pregnancy and delivery.

The Chicago University of Medicine also accepted the CDC’s recommendation for vaccination of covid to pregnant women.

There are high chances to acquire or infected by the virus so getting vaccinated with covid might help them to get immunized during the pregnancy and their lot of data collected also shows the same results as it is the best choice.

Can A Mother Take Covid 19 Vaccine If She Is Breastfeeding?

Taking the Covid Vaccine when the mother is breastfeeding does not take any risk and not harmful at all. There is no live virus in the vaccine and will not put the baby at risk. If the vaccine is taken for the coronavirus there is no need to be afraid about breastfeeding. So Mothers or Lactating women do not need to be worried about breastfeeding. Covid Vaccines are free in the US free of charge.

The government of India also recently made a statement that the lactating woman who wishes to take the vaccines can take the vaccine.

This was approved by the recommendation of the FOGSI – Federation of Obstetric Gynecological societies of India and the National Expert Group for Vaccine Administration of Covid – 19 (NEGVAC). Both Organisation state that the vaccination outweighs the risk. Hence the woman who is lactating or breastfeeding must be educated about the Covid Vaccine and must get vaccinated for maintaining good health.

Is Fertility Is Affected By The Covid 19 Vaccine?

There is some misinformation that the vaccine of covid 19 affects the fertility of women. So many women afraid due to the fear of the vaccination. One of the surveys in the United Kingdom states that young women were afraid to get the covid vaccine as it may affect their fertility. But the health experts report says that there are no relations between vaccination and infertility. American obstetricians gynaecologists (ACOG), the society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Recommend Covid Vaccine for Pregnant Women.

It is mentioned that Fertility is not affected by the Covid 19 Vaccine. So a woman who takes covid 19 vaccines does not need to delay Pregnancy after the vaccine series.

The Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) also recommend Covid Vaccine for Pregnant Women. They also say that there is no need to be worried about their fertility while vaccinated. They also state that there is no evidence that the Covid vaccine affects fertility.

Dr Jose Mayorga, executive director of the University of California from Irvine Health Family centre mentioned that during clinical trials there were no reports of infertility during the vaccination in UCI school of medicine.

Dr Jill Rabin professor from Newyork at the Feinstein Institute of Medical Research in Manhasset also says that there is no impact on fertility in vaccination and also there is no absolute evidence that vaccine affects fertility.

Jill Rabin Recommend covid Vaccine for Breastfeeding women, Pregnant and the women who are planning to get pregnant.

They also say that mRNA vaccine are good for pregnant women as it acts as an antibody and makes the protein in the body and that protein triggers as an immune response. This Immune response acts like antibodies and protects from viral infections.

Is There Side Effects For Taking Covid 19 Vaccine For Pregnant Woman?

Either Pregnant or not the side effects are the same and most of them are not life-threatening. Some of the side effects which has complaints are Vomiting, nausea, mild fever, body ache etc.

Can A Woman Take Vaccination If She Is Undergoing IVF Procedure?

Certainly, there is no risk if the woman takes vaccination when she undergoes IVF Procedure. The British Fertility Society Gives importance to the timings of the vaccine.

Benefits of Vaccinations in Pregnancy

Vaccination helps a pregnant woman to prevent infections. Half of the women who have got test positive have no symptoms at all but have a severe illness which may be life-threatening too. This may be critical if they have underlying health conditions. There is the possibility that covid 19 infections may also affect pregnancy. There were possibilities for premature births which may cause trouble for the baby’s health. Some of the benefits may include:

1. It prevents the risk of stillbirth, prematurity for the baby.

2. It reduces severe disease for pregnant woman.

3. It also reduces the transmission to vulnerable household members.

Should A Woman Get Covid Vaccine If She Is Planning To Become Pregnant?

The JCVI advice says that there is no need to worry about taking covid vaccination if the woman is planning to become pregnant and do not need to avoid pregnancy after vaccination.

If the woman is one of the groups offered with the vaccine if she gets the vaccination before pregnancy will help in preventing covid 19 infections and their serious consequences. There may be some cases where a woman had to decide that to delay the pregnancy till the vaccination is available to them.