Covid-19 Vaccine and Menstrual Cycle: Things You Must Know

In this generation, there’s big trouble which is paving way for fear and confusions and doubts and dilemma. Yes, we are talking about Covid, a virus which is spreading among people is most injurious to health and maybe fatal too. So everybody is looking for precaution and prevention to be safe and maintain good health.

Since the invention of the Covid 19 Vaccine has emerged, on one side people got some relief but some people are still having questions and doubts about whether they should take the vaccine or not. Especially in some situations.

One of the questions which are arising is from women who are looking for an answer that whether they should take the Covid vaccine during their periods. So we have some tips to solve this problem that things you must know before getting Covid Vaccine during your menstrual cycle.

Is Covid 19 Vaccine Is Safe To Take During Menstrual Cycle?

Yes, it is safe to take Covid Vaccine during the menstrual cycle. As you know prevention is better than cure. So it is best to consider the environmental conditions. In case if you get affected by covid there may be a lot of troubles you have to face either you are on periods or not. But if taking a vaccination you can get immunization against the virus and can face any health troubles in whatever situation.

Over millions of people around the world have got vaccination and there is no claims or reports that shows that taking Covid Vaccine during the menstrual cycle is hazardous. There is no evidence to say that it is harmful to get vaccinated during periods and taking the vaccine will immunize you and can face health troubles in whatever conditions.

The researchers and doctors say that it is safe to take a vaccine if you are above eighteen years old and this vaccine will be a great preventive and fighting tool against the virus.

In social media, there are so many posts that are getting viral that Covid 19 Vaccine is not completely safe for their livelihood.

They also say that women who are on periods may be in a condition with lower immunity. And it is not safe to take this vaccine five days before or after menstruation. As it may trigger them to fall sick due to less immunity which is caused due to the vaccine.

Hence the women who take vaccination during the periods may have to face high risks and complications and may fall sick.

Social media posts which are getting viral are completely not true the researchers and doctors say. As their tests and trials and medical reports have no evidence to say that it was harmful to the women at this condition. And they also say that don’t consider the viral posts on the internet or social media which are just for triggering the people and putting them in confusions and dilemma.

For Example, we can take a situation like women who are on periods drinking water during the situation if in large numbers may not have undergone in bad health response in the case in a large number of women. But some women might have undergone some unhealthy situation or conditions but still, there may be no particular reason only drinking water caused the effect.

The same way women in large number say for millions of people all over the world have taken the vaccine and didn’t claim any reports about the vaccine and they are happy and leading a healthy life. The researchers say that there is no reports or claims as the vaccine showed harmful response as it is completely safe and helps to immunize you to fight against the virus.

There is a piece of happy news that the changes which occur by taking the vaccine during the Menstrual cycle are temporary. It is still better to consider the doctor’s suggestion according to your body condition whether to delay the vaccination or take it early.

Dr Astha Dayal from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the CK Birla Hospital Gurgaon says that Vaccine is completely safe either in period’s time or no periods. The Covid Vaccine can be taken for maintaining the best immunization to fight against the virus.

Consultant Gynaecologist from Hinduja Hospital Dr Ashiwini Bhalerao Gandhi says that periods don’t lower the immunity. It is said that hormones like estrogen and progesterone fluctuate before the menstrual cycle or periods begins. This may lead the women to the premenstrual syndrome in some situations, but it will not affect the immunity at any cost. A woman can make a convenient period to take the vaccine before or after periods or any days she wants. She might get affected due to stress and strain which may lead her to some bad health conditions or troubles but still, it is safe to take the vaccine.

This vaccine may lead the women to certain conditions according to some reports are:

1. Heavy bleeding during the cycle.

2. Lighter periods.

3. Irregularity in periods like not in the same expected time or day.

4. Missed periods like no periods at expected day or time.

Alice Lu – Culligan and Randy Hutter Epstein at Yale School of Medicine in a Newyork times Article Mentioned that So far there’s no evidence or reports as women claiming for menstruation when they are vaccinated with Covid Vaccine.

They also stated if there is irregular or one unusual period cannot be taken as a high risking factor and no need to be alarmed.

Dr Munjal V Kapadia a Gynaecologist mentioned that periods have not affected the vaccine’s efficacy, and it can be appealed to all women and they must take the vaccines as quickly as possible.