5 Steps To Improve Chance of Pregnancy

So are you ready to get pregnant soon? Whenever a woman is ready for starting a family, one of the last things that they expect is waiting for a long time. Although the process is natural there are some things that you can do for making sure that the chances of pregnancy are enhanced. Here are the 5 steps to improve the chance of pregnancy:

1. Get the preconception checkup done:

Before you, even official y start trying for a child it's recommended that you get a checkup done. The doctor might recommend some prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid. This is going to give protection to the child from birth defects like spina bifida. Folic acid is important for early pregnancy stages. Therefore you must be having its optimum levels before you get pregnant. Also in case, you have some underlying health condition it needs to be under control before one gets pregnant.

2. Be aware of the cycle:

One has to be very aware of their menstrual cycles. This understanding will help you in knowing the times that you are most fertile. We know that the best time for getting pregnant is ovulation. So when you are being aware of the ovulation signs like changes in cervical mucus that becomes thinner when the women are most fertile, you can try and most probably the chances of getting pregnant will get high.

3. Having sex before ovulation:

Sperms can be around the fallopian tubes and uterus for about two days, but the egg will be there for just 12 to 24 hours once it's released. Therefore when one has sex before the time of ovulation the probability of fertilization gets enhanced. If you are having a cycle of about 28 days then you must begin having sex as your period ends. Make sure that you do have sex alternate day from day 10 to day 14 as the possibility of conceiving is highest at these times.

4. Maintain a healthy weight:

In case you are slightly overweight, this will be the perfect time for shedding those extra pounds. There can be a negative impact on the probability of getting pregnant when one is over or underweight. The main reason being the fat cells are linked with estrogen production and having too much or less of it will affect the hormones in the body and also ovulation. Even the sperm quality is impaired in men that are overweight. Conception chances increase if you lose 5 percent of body weight.

5. Don’t stress:

A lot of women do tend to get stressed when they start trying for pregnancy. But you must be keeping the stress low. A large number of studies show that high-stress levels affect the menstrual cycle of women. It is advised that you get a massage, do exercise and yoga or managing stress with ease.

So these are some vital tips that you can follow for getting pregnant sooner. Make sure you eat healthily and have a happy mind at all times.