5 Easy-to-follow Tips for Losing Weight with PCOS Condition What is PCOS?

First of all, PCOS is abbreviated as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and it is a common hormonal disorder or condition which normally occurs for women who are at their reproductive age (15 – 44). It may happen due to excess of male hormones (high androgen level in women) and may cause irregular menstrual periods and may affect an imbalance of hormones also may cause the ovaries to develop numerous small collections of fluid and may cause failures in the regular release of eggs. PCOS may also cause hair growth in face of women and may also cause baldness and it may also cause long terms health issues like diabetes and heart disease and high blood pressure. PCOS cause may be unknown but losing weight can reduce this problem.

PCOS cause may be unknown but losing weight can reduce this problem.

Symptoms of PCOS
1. Weight Gain:

A woman may get her weight incremented than the normal age level and even may get obese or too much overweight than normal level.

2. Unwanted Irregular Periods or Menstrual Cycles:

The Woman gets affected when male hormones like sperms that enters her ovaries may cause her irregular Periods or menstrual Cycles.

3. Unnecessary Hair Growth:

Possibility is there that excess of male sperms can cause the woman get unnecessary hair growth in unwanted places like face and woman may get moustache too. This is a great problem for women.

4. Pelvic Pain:

The Woman may feel pelvic pain in her pelvic area.

5. Mood Changes

Them woman may get her mood to keep on changing now and then her mind may not be on self-control.

6. Heavy Bleeding:

There may be increment in period timings for Longer periods due to uterine lining, this may cause heavy periods or bleeding than normal periods for long durations.

7. Skin Darkening:

The Skin may get dark patches in the areas like under the breasts, neck and groins.

8. Acne:

The woman skin becomes oilier than usual due to male hormones and breakouts may occur in the facial area chests and upper back.

9. Headaches:

The woman may get headaches due to hormone imbalance or changes.

10. Polycystic Ovaries:

The ovaries in women may get enlarged due to follicles that surround the eggs. Due to this the ovaries may have irregular functionality or may fail to function regularly.

Causes for PCOS:

Most Doctors don’t know why woman get PCOS and may not get a proper reason for its cause.

1. Inflammation:

Most of the studies say that woman may have inflammation all over their body. This is also occurred due to overweight and having obesity too causes this trouble.

2. Higher or Excess Androgen Levels:

Some studies also say that this inflammation occurs due to high androgen level in the woman body. The Ovaries produce high-level androgens and may result in hirsutism and acne.

3. Heredity or Genes:

It is also mentioned that this may happen due to genes also. If the woman’s mother or sister were already having PCOS it may affect the particular woman to get affected by PCOS. The woman’s body may produce a high level of Insulin making inability in ovulation by affecting the ovaries.

Best 5 Tips For Losing Weight With PCOS Condition:

Most of the studies and doctors say that to control or cure PCOS women must reduce or lose weight. And to lose weights during this condition follow these 5 tips.

Tip 1: Eat Low Carbohydrates and Eat Enough Proteins:

Eating low Carb Intakes that is limited level carbohydrates may help in weight reduction. This may cause an impact on insulin levels in women.

Carbohydrates like pasta, white bread can cause a rise or fall in blood sugar level. This may result in hunger.

Instead of having these carbs, you must include complex carbs like Vegetables, Fruits and whole grains.

Eating enough or required proteins may help in weight reduction as it helps in stabilizing blood sugar and gives satisfaction or contentment after having a meal.

Proteins like Seafood, eggs, dairy or milk products, nuts, meat. Consuming lemon juice and fresh herbs helps in losing weight.

Tip 2: Eat Healthy Fats and Fermented Foods:

Healthy fats may help in gaining good health as well as losing weight and limiting the amount of intake of carbohydrates. It may help you feel satisfied after meals and can also help to tackle PCOS symptoms and weight loss.

Including the items like coconut oil, Olive oil, Avocado, nut butter in food may help in losing weight and controlling PCOS.

The woman who is suffering from PCOS may need healthy bacteria as they may have less in amount. So woman must include fermented food in their diet. Eating diets in high probiotics such as Yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir and other fermented food.

Tip 3: Have Enough Amount of Exercises Regularly:

Whatever the health issues always practising exercises and Yoga are the best choices to get rid of the ailments. Here for PCOS women must lose their weight so exercising regularly and not doing over-exercising also will help in weight loss. Doing exercises for cardio may help to lose weight and woman can also do weight lifting to reduce belly fat and obesity. This may help in reducing testosterone and blood sugar levels. A woman must do exercises to reduce belly fat which helps in managing insulin levels. So Exercising regularly without skipping can help in taking control over PCOS.

Tip 4: Reduce Caffeine Intake And Added Sugar:

Consuming Caffeine can cause troubles in hormone levels, studies say that caffeine consumption can cause interference in ovulation and may increase stress hormones and this may result in hormonal disorders.

So many people like coffee and especially women love coffee in their daily routines. So if you can’t completely avoid it make it just one cup per day.

Foods with added sugar may result in raising blood sugar levels and may cause trouble in insulin, which may cause obesity as it is having very close relations.

So it is best to avoid foods like added sugars like cakes, candies, cookies etc. If you want to taste sweet so avoid added sugar food and can have fruits instead which may taste sweet but will not trouble you.

Tip 5: Reduce Stress and Have Plenty of Sleep:

Stress is a bigger risk and causes weight gain. So managing stress can result in managing weight also.

Stress like Chronic stress can cause increasing belly fat, and belly fat results in inflammation. Which may trigger the body to produce more cortisol which creates vicious cycles?

It is best to lower the cortisol by stress management. To manage stress woman can do Meditation, Yoga, listening to pleasant music, reading novels or whatever pleases her mind. Just attaching yourself to nature also may result in managing stress.

If a woman is suffering from PCOS may have sleep problems like insomnia, lack of sleep or sleep apnea. If you don’t sleep properly you may get your belly fat increased resulting in obesity this will cause weight gain also. So doctors suggest getting at least seven to eight hours of complete deep sleep without disturbance. A study result says that the persons who slept for 5 hours a day developed obesity.

Sleep apnea is something that may result in an inability of breathing during sleep. Consult the doctor if you are having sleep apnea if it is confirmed get a CPAP Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It is a device which will help you to get fresh air gently in your airway which will cause you to get good sleep.

It is best to get proper sleep. Most of the good suggestion is exercise, yoga and meditation avoid gadgets at least one hour before sleep.